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One way to paint
Click on a picture and see a video

My Equipment
Paper: Most important. Use the best you can afford. I use Arches and Waterford 300g (140lb). With bad paper your watercolour will not “sing”. The light comes from the paper. It is also easier to paint on good paper.
Brushes: Use as big as possible. A lage round mop #14 or bigger with a good tip. Lage flat "1, a round #12 (good tip) and a rigger #3. With these you do everything.
Paints: I use artist quality tube colours. There is more pigment in them. Good brands are Daniel Smith (a favorite) Holbein and Winsor & Newton.
See my palette
Other: Holbein palette, spray bottle, creditcard (two purpus, one is to buy paper ;) knife, nail, what ever...

My Advice
DRAW, everything, everywhere
The water will free the pigment, use a lot of water.
Indicate form and be aware of the tone. Tone is very important
Seek unity, conflict and dominance
Paint a story, paint a mode, paint a feeling
Practice, practice, PRACTICE...
Have fun!!

Plain Arie
And another way
Aerial painting
Sea sceape painting
One minute lesson