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How come you get stuck to watercolour?
How is it that one gets stuck on watercolour painting?
For me it's about curiosity and an exiting journey through chaos and order. The colour hue, the paper, the moisture in the brush, the individual character of each colour and your own state of mind make the watercolour so direct. You are always just a few brush strokes away from merely a flat muddy mess with no interest.
Sometimes the colour seems to blend in a chaotic way. During the drying process the character changes with every second. Experiment by combining Ultramarine and Burnt Umber together. Sit an enjoy the drama that unfolds on the paper while this mixture dries. That’s how you get stuck on watercolour painting.

Graphic Technology, KTH
Graphic Lay Out and Reproduction Methods, KTH
Machinery Equipment for the Printing Process, KTH
Image Processing, KTH
Joseph Zbukvic, Australia
David Taylor, Australia
Jim Bray, USA
Judi Bets, USA
Soraya French, UK
Lars Holm, Sweden

Huskvarnagrillen, 2006
Väsby Konsthall, "Akvarellsalong", 2007
Galleri Cicily, 2007
Stockholms konstsalong, Stockholm, 2008
Galleri Persgården, Visingsö, 2008
Galleri Hörnet, Huskvarna, 2008
Galleri Backlund, Göteborg, 2009
Tingby Gård, Kalmar 2009
Stockholms konstsalong, Stockholm , 2010
Väsby Konsthall, "Akvarellsalong", 2010
Galleri Holmby, 2010
Nordisk Akvarell, Reykjavik , 2010
Stockholms konstsalong, Stockholm, 2011
Galleri Persgården, Visingsö, 2011
Galleri Blickfånget, Värnamo, 201
Galleri Holmby, 2012
RWS Contemporary Watercolour, London, 2012
Eksjö museum, Sweden, 2012
Väsby Konsthall, "Akvarellsalong", 2012
International Watercolour Salong, Uckage, France 2012
Akvarell 2012, NAS, Internet exhibition, 2012
Finansdepartementet, Stockholm, 2012
Akvarell 2013, NAS, Internet exhibition, 2013
Galleri Backlund, Göteborg, 2013
NK-villan, Nyköping, 2013
International Watercolour Salong, Uckage, France 2013
Väsby Konsthall, "Akvarellsalong", 2013
Partille castle, 2013
Svenska tantens galleri, Växjö, 2013
International Exhibition, Aiguillon, France 2013
Väsby Konsthall, "Akvarellsalong", 2014
International Watercolour Salong, Uckage, France 2014
Grenna Museum, 2014
New Orleans, USA, 2014
Galleri Hultman, Åstorp, 2014
Galleri Westerlind, Nyköping, 2014
Galleri Tersaeus, Stockholm 2014

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